Bluetooth SIG publishes Bluetooth 2.1 specifications

Bluetooth is a wireless Personal Area Networking (PAN) technology that allows various electronic devices to communicate with each other. The technology has been included in Macs (or has been available as an option) for some time now, and has also seen wide adoption by mobile phone manufacturers, where it has been used as a connecting link between headsets. and microphone with mobile phone. The Bluetooth connection is also present in human interface devices such as keyboards, mice, and other peripherals such as printers.

The new specification 2.1 improves the process of linking between devices, as indicated by the Bluetooth SIG, reducing the number of steps required to establish this action. For example, users who must pair Bluetooth 2.1 devices will not need to generate their own PINs. The process will also improve security to reduce the risk of a “man in the middle” scenario, in which a third party can intercept communication between two paired Bluetooth devices.

Specification 2.1 also means lower power consumption (up to five times less, as noted). This specification will increase the autonomy of the batteries in products such as mice, keyboards, watches, home automation sensors and medical devices.

Devices using the new specification will be backward compatible with products based on the old specifications, the SIG has announced.