Browsers How to install Opera A few years ago talking about Internet browsers was synonymous with …

A few years ago talking about Internet browsers was synonymous with talking about Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s browser. As users, we were really limited and we had no choice. However, today things have changed a lot and we can freely install on our devices the browser that we want the most. Today we are going to see how to install opera.

The search for a good browser can be somewhat complex. We can find many comparisons between the different browsers, but the truth is that at the moment of truth the choice of one or the other will depend entirely on the tastes and needs of the user. A browser can be very good for those who use the Internet from a more playful point of view, but it may not be so for those who mostly need it for work.

Opera has managed to gradually become one of the most popular browsers. Is about a very interesting and functional tool. A fairly complete browser that has the added advantage of incorporate an ad blocker.

Advertising on the Internet can in certain cases be somewhat abusive, appearing in the middle of the screen and preventing us from consulting the website we want. With Opera we can avoid this situation.

How to install Opera

Find out how to install Opera

The good thing about Opera is that in addition to being gratuitous this available for a good number of platforms, so that we can enjoy it on different devices such as computer or mobile.

To install Opera the first thing we have to do is open our browser, go to the search engine and enter “download Opera”. We will see several results, but it is best to enter the first one, which corresponds to the official browser website. To simplify the task we leave you in direct link.

Once we are on the Opera website, click on the button “Download now”. The download process may vary a bit depending on the browser we are using.

When the download has finished we can start the installation process. When the execution starts, the installation wizard, which will guide us through the process so that the browser is installed on our device.

In just a few minutes the process will be finished and Opera will already be installed.

If you want Opera for your devices with operating system Android or iOS, all you have to do is visit the Google Play Store wave App Store, find the application and download it for free.

How to install Opera

Choose your favorite browser

Besides Opera, there are other free Internet browsers that give very good results. On some occasion we have already told you how install Mozilla Firefox, how install Internet Explorer Y how to install google chrome, which are among the most used browsers.

The choice of one or the other is entirely at your discretion, according to your tastes and the use that you are going to give it. In some cases it may even be It is advisable to have a couple of browsers installed on our computer or mobile.