CDFinder 5.0

CDFInder is an application that allows users to organize their discs and files, thus keeping a record of the digital content stored on them. The license price of the product is $ 39.

The new version offers an updated user interface, preview images for the image catalog, Unicode support, and integration with Toast 8, FileMaker, and other applications.

The software can catalog any data disc, CD-ROM, DVD, iPod, network volumes or Audio-CD.

CDFinder can import different catalog formats and read most of the metadata in the audio and image files. It will catalog Audio CDs, their content is searchable using Spotlight, and integrates AppleScript support, so users can create their own custom workflows.

It is also possible to catalog the contents of the files, including those for StuffIt, StuffIt Deluxe, Compact Pro, Zip (used by Mac OS X), TAR, .rar and others.

CDFinder requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher and works natively on Macs with PowerPC or Intel processors.