Change WhatsApp Wrong date in WhatsApp how to change it Normally changes of date and time in WhatsApp are carried …

Change WhatsApp Wrong date in WhatsApp how to change it Normally changes of date and time in WhatsApp are carried …

Normally, the date and time changes in WhatsApp are carried out automatically, but it may happen that for some reason the update is not carried out properly. To change the wrong date in WhatsApp or an error in the time, we can do it manually.

Time and date mismatches

The mobiles are prepared so that make scheduled time changes automatically, as with changes to summer or winter time. Problems can arise when it comes to schedule changes that were not planned.

In recent months some countries have chosen to make changes in their schedules to make the most of the hours of sunshine, in these cases a message may appear on WhatsApp that indicates β€œThe date on the phone is wrong. Set the clock and try again “.

Errors can also appear due to operator problems, causing certain mobile models not to mark the correct date or time, without actually having any problem either in the mobile or in the operating system.

Wrong date in WhatsApp

Manual configuration to change the wrong date in WhatsApp

If for any reason the date or time of our phone has been misadjusted and this is affecting our favorite instant messaging application, what we have to do is go to Settings> Date and Time. We deactivate the option Automatic date and time and we manually enter the correct date and time.

WhatsApp expired

Time and date mismatches can cause a message to appear indicating that WhatsApp is expired. This happens because the application does not work if it cannot detect what time the messages are sent.

What to do in this situation is to go Settings> Date and Time and make a manual setting of the day and time. Then we restart the mobile and we try to enter WhatsApp again, the problem should have been solved.

Wrong date in WhatsApp

The date is fine but the error appears “the date is wrong”

It may happen that the date and time settings of our mobile are fine but even so the instant messaging system does not work and the message of the wrong date appears. In this case it is due to a failure of the application itself.

The first thing we have to do is clear the application cache. For what we are going to follow the route Settings> Applications> WhatsApp> Clear data> Clear cache. Once we have done this We uninstall the application through Applications> WhatsApp> Delete. With the application removed, simply re-download it from the Google Play Store or the App Store and everything should work normally again.

If you have problems with the installation, we recommend that you read our article on how to install WhatsApp.

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