Chrome How to install Chrome OS in VirtualBox? We continue trying to retrace what we consider to be the best tutorials for …

We keep moving forward trying to retrace what we consider the best tutorials for our readers, in this case from the hand of a query that a follower has already made us and we believed it was important to resolve. The first thing we have to highlight in this regard is that the following article will teach all who want to install Chrome OS in VirtualBox, something much simpler than it seems.

As we said then, if you are a person who is experimenting with virtual machines, or who wants to know how the Google operating system for computers works, this post could be very useful. You are going to learn how to install Chrome OS in VirtualBox in the fastest and easiest way, although for this you have to follow all the steps that we will teach you below.

Beyond that, and before starting to explain the steps you have to consider, we must say that Chrome OS is the operating system that for example we can find in the famous Google Chromebook. There are many users who have already had an approach to Chrome OS being very satisfied with it, and whether you have tried it or not, we think you should give it a try.


Installing Chrome OS on VirtualBox

The first thing we have to do if we want to install Chrome OS in VirtualBox is download that second tool and then continue with the procedure, something we can do directly from this link in particular. It is of course the official website of this service, where we must choose our operating system, and then click on the download link as with any other program or application.

Once you have carried out the previous step, the next one has to do directly with look for the Chrome OS ISO, which we can also download without further ado, in this particular case through this link. Although you will find more than one version, you should always look for the most recent ones, and the interesting thing about this link is that it is a completely reliable one.

At this point we are going to open VirtualBox and choose the option to create a new machine, to which we can put the name we want, choosing of course the Chrome OS ISO when we have to choose. After that, the entire machine configuration process would come, and the verification that the technical characteristics of the machine are sufficient to run this operating system.

Normally in these cases we recommend having at least 2 GB of RAM, although of course having 4 GB will make everything more fluid, and if we add to that accessories to match, much better. The tutorial has no more steps than these, although we didn’t want to fail to mention that We can test Chrome OS both on Windows and on other operating systems such as Ubuntu or Mac.