Chuletator applications, create your chops onlineWhen you have to study we don’t always have the time or the …

Chuletator applications, create your chops onlineWhen you have to study we don’t always have the time or the …

When it comes to studying, we don’t always have the time or the desire to face this tedious task. It has happened to all of us at some point in our lives to have to face an exam and not have time to study, the most helpful in these cases is to get a cheat sheet. But things have changed a lot, now we have applications like Chop with which we can create our chops online.

The origin of the word chop does not seem to be too clear, but whatever its origin when we talk about making chops we are referring to figuring out how to have the exam material at hand while we are examining ourselves.

There are many different types of chops to copy, but the most classic is to write what we have not learned on a small paper that is then hidden in the case, the pocket, the sleeve of the sweater, etc. with the intention of being able to fill in the exam questions with their content.

The chops have to be small in order to go unnoticed, which has caused that for years the students have left their eyes trying to make smaller and smaller letters to condense the maximum possible syllabus in the smallest space.

This seems to have its days numbered and it is that today we can make our chops online and print them comfortably in the size that best suits us.


Chuletator, the favorite tool of those who have not studied

Chuletator is an application to make cutlets that we can directly use onlineAlthough if you are one of those who are lazy to study and frequently resort to this type of trickery, you may be interested download Chuletator for PC to always have it at hand.

With Chuletator we can make cutlets online in a truly simple way. In the text box we can write what we want is even we can format in the same way that we would with a text of Microsoft Word. We can highlight something in bold, italic, change the colors, change the font type, etc.

When exam time arrives, the agenda is full of tests and if several chops are taken there is a risk of confusing them. In Chuletator we can add personalized information to each cheat sheet so that we can distinguish it from the rest. We can give it a title, choose the subject, the course and even the language.


To customize the cheat sheet to the maximum, we can modify the zoom, line spacing, height and width options.

On the right side of the screen we are going to see how our cheat sheet is, so that we can make the changes that we think are necessary.

Once the chop is ready can be downloaded or printed directly.

As you can see, Chuletator is a clean, fast and effective way to make cutlets online. It’s over with spending an entire afternoon trying to reduce to the maximum that topic that we like so little, now in just a few minutes we can get a clean, legible cheat sheet of the desired size and ready to use.