Cisco and Apple reach an agreement on the iPhone brand

At the same time, Cisco and Apple have agreed to explore interoperability opportunities in the areas of security and communications for the consumer and professional fields, according to statements by both. At the moment, the terms of the agreement are not public and only the two companies are aware of them.

The agreement comes after Cisco filed a lawsuit against Apple last January for infringing the use of a trademark by them: iPhone. Cisco argued that it already had a product line of that name, a series of voice over IP (VoIP) phones.

Cisco’s lawsuit against Apple came shortly after Steve Jobs announced his iPhone mobile phone during the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. That announcement was made without an agreement with Cisco to use the iPhone name, according to a Cisco spokesperson. Apparently, prior to the iPhone announcement, Apple and Cisco had been talking about the use of the iPhone name, but Apple introduced the product before reaching an agreement, which led to the Cisco lawsuit. The dispute seems to have come to an end.