Contactizer Pro 3.1 adds iSync compatibility

Contactizer Pro offers collaboration features and includes features for managing contacts, tasks, and events as well as communication features. It is designed for people or companies that want to keep track of all the information related to the contacts without having to use communications based on a client / server structure.

New in Contactizer Pro 3.1 stands out the ability to synchronize with iSync, and that allows you to synchronize tasks and events with other devices using iSync, including .Mac and iCal. You can also create backup copies of your data before synchronizing. Another novelty is the Quick Day View feature in which events can be viewed in a monthly or daily view.

Contactizer Pro 3.1 requires Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later and is priced at $ 119 for a new license, while it is a free upgrade for users of the previous version of the product.