Corel announces Painter X

Among the new Painter creativity tools, Corel highlights the following:

RealBristle paint system. This system increases the response of the brush. Brushes using this technology faithfully replicate traditional art media with brushes whose bristles blend and separate just like in real painting. Artists will be able to experience the interplay between paint, canvas and brush like never before.

Composition tools. Corel Painter X has new composition tools that allow artists, designers, and photographers to compose images quickly and easily. The proportions tool offers guidelines that follow golden proportions to improve the composition of elements. The new layout grid tool provides guidelines that follow the rule of thirds in photography, but can be adjusted to other desired grid patterns.

Improvements in paintings from photos. Significant new enhancements have been made that provide the user with more control and smart options during the process of transforming photos into paintings. New options added to the Base Paint palette include color schemes based on various painting styles, such as Impressionist, Classic, Modern, Watercolor, Sketchbook, and Chalk Drawing. Users can also now choose a color scheme that matches the colors in the open image.

Palette matching effect. It is now possible to open an image that has the desired color scheme and use the matching palette effect to apply that scheme to another image. This effect provides options to control color, color shift, brightness, brightness shift, and intensity. This effect can be accessed individually or can be found in the photo paint palettes.

Universal mixer paddle. Artists now have more control when selecting colors when using any bristle brush. For multi-color selections, this new palette gives artists more control over the color mix between the mixer palette and the canvas.

The new version has been optimized for Mac OS X and is in Universal Binary format for Intel or PowerPC based mac. According to Corel, compatibility with Photoshop has been improved, with Wacom tablets, and the learning resources have been expanded with a new user guide, training videos and a window with links to Painter resources and tips on the application on the Internet.

Painter X incorporates a Workspace Manager that makes it easy to create backups, as well as share or switch between custom workspaces. Additionally, the lightening and darkening capabilities have been expanded with the addition of two new image enhancement tools. The lighten tool allows artists to lighten specific areas of an image, while the darken tool can be used to darken them. Lastly, the color management system has been improved to ensure accurate color reproduction between devices and print jobs.

Price and availability

The English version of Corel Painter X, in its full, upgrade, education and limited edition Painter canned editions can be pre-ordered today through Corel and select resellers. It will be available in our market at the end of February. Contact: Corel. Tel .: 800 098 125. Web:

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