CrossOver Mac 6.1 improves performance and support for games

CrossOver is one of the products available for Mac that offer Windows operating system compatibility for Apple computers using Intel processors. It differs from other products such as Parallels Desktop or Boot Camp in that Windows installation is not required for you to run the programs designed for that operating system. Rather, CrossOver, which has its origins in the open source WINE project for Linux, provides a compatibility layer by which users can run software designed for Windows directly on Mac OS X.

CrossOver Mac 6.1 incorporates new improvements and options, according to CodeWeaver, such as the possibility that users can use Microsoft Outlook remotely using RPC over HTTP. The new version also improves game support and performance, according to CodeWeavers CEO Jeremy White.

Windows applications supported by CrossOver Mac 6.1 include Microsoft Office version for Windows, Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project, as well as Intuit Quicken and Quickbooks as well as Half-Life 2.

The minimum system requirements are an Intel processor-based Mac with Mac OS X 10.4 and 120 MB of free hard disk space. CodeWeavers indicates that CrossOver for Mac should work correctly with Leopard, although no official Mac OS X 10.5 support is provided until its official announcement.