Curator manages iTunes images

Curator allows the user to easily manage all the illustrations and images associated with items in the iTunes music library. Making it easy to locate hard-to-find album covers, as well as quickly check albums that don’t have their associated artwork.

To locate the images, it searches on the different international sites of, which makes it easier to find illustrations for foreign titles. So well it manages special editions and multiple illustrations for a single album, allowing you to choose between the different options associated with an album; it can show multiple results and let you choose the most suitable one.

The curator is compatible with Front Row and AppleTV. It also adds the covers directly to the iPod, so they can be enjoyed while the player is running.

The minimum Curator requirements are a Mac with Mac OS X v10.3.9 or higher and it is a Universal binary application. It is available in English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, and Dutch. You can download a demo version from the developer page and the registration fee is $ 18.