Curiosities Lunar Calendar: An Esoteric Guide for your Life For many centuries, various cultures have guided their peoples to …

For many centuries, diverse cultures have guided their peoples through different methods. One of them is the calendar. Each tribe or culture has or had its own at the time. This is when we talk about the Western, Chinese or lunar calendar.


What is the lunar calendar and how does it work?

The Moon’s calendar It is defined as a method of calculating time (specifically the years), where each type of moon corresponds to a month.

The phases of the moon: crescent, waning, full and new are those that correspond to each month. For many years this method was used by some people to govern certain events, such as a woman’s menstrual period, or the tides in the case of the sea.

The starting point for counting the month is the first day of the crescent moon. Other cultures mix the solar calendar with the lunar one, in order to obtain exact data on when the seasons begin and end. After receiving these data, they were applicable to the western calendar.

In total there are 4 cycles, which we can explain as follows:

  • Full moon. It is when the earth is between the sun and the moon. In this way, the sun’s rays hit the moon completely and it looks fully illuminated.
  • Crescent quarter. At this moment the moon, the earth and the sun form a perfect right angle. You can see half of the moon as the days go by.
  • Last quarter. A right angle is formed again but from the opposite side, so that only half of the moon is seen again but in a decreasing way.
  • New Moon. Here, the moon is between the earth and the sun, so we do not see it clearly but ‘dark’


Esotericism and the phases of the moon

The moon has always been a deity considered supernatural by cultures from all corners. The Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and even Asians have attributed powers to it according to the phase where it is.

All these beliefs led to esotericism who today is governed by the Moon’s calendar to carry out certain events and be cautious if you want to embark on certain projects.

For example, on the growing moon it is recommended to start businesses, projects, cut hair or apply cosmetic products to grow nails.

Meanwhile, in the waning moon we must refrain from making moves, changing habits or movements related to money and investments.


Likewise, astrology makes use of the Moon’s calendar to determine the influence of the stars. Each day is assigned a sign that governs it for approximately two or three days, and based on that lunar-astrological calendar, we can plan trips, weddings, parties, job interviews and even our routine of daily activities!

Although many assure that it is not a reliable method, the truth is that we can take some advice and put it into practice to govern certain situations and see how they unfold, then based on that, take our own position on the matter.