DIY entertainment: how to paint a mobile If you are as fond of crafts as we are, you will surely …

If you are as fond of crafts as we are, you will surely like this tutorial. This time we bring you the DIY: how to paint a mobile.

Mobile phone designers strive to improve their technology, but aesthetically the truth is that we find very little variety. There is the option to personalize our phone through a cover, but sometimes the design we want for our phone is not available in stores, so we have to put our imagination and think about how we can tune our phone on our own.

DIY materials: how to paint a mobile

If you have decided that you want to give your smartphone a new and totally original look, you will need:

  • Mobile
  • Alcohol
  • Tassels or cotton discs
  • Nail polish
  • Scotch tape
  • Nail polish remover
  • Brush (optional)
  • Stickers, sequins, etc. (optional)


Choose design

Before starting to paint on our mobile it is recommended make a sketch on a sheet of paper of what we want on the phone. This pattern will help us decide the type of drawing we want to make and the best possible combination of colors.

Our selection of the best applications for painting and drawing on Android they can help you make your sketch.

Prepare the phone

Once we are clear about what we are going to paint, it is time to protect with adhesive tape those parts of our phone that we are not going to paint. It is important cover all the buttons and holes that the mobile may have to ensure that they will continue to function properly.

Clean the phone

Now that the areas that we are not going to paint are adequately protected, we must clean the phone with the help of a cotton swab moistened with a little alcohol. In this way we remove all the dirt that may be in it. Before cleaning with alcohol it is recommended to make a test in an inconspicuous place to verify that this product does not cause damage to the phone.

Try nail polish

Before starting to paint it is advisable check that the nail polish grips well on the surface of the phone that we want to paint.


Paint the phone

If the phone accepts the polish without problems, we can start painting it by following our sketch. Keep in mind that it is possible that several layers are necessary for the color to be as we like it.

If the brush that comes with the enamel is too wide, it can be painted with a thinner brush, which can be purchased at any craft store.

Nail polish is a long-lasting product, but it does wear off over time. Once the phone is fully painted and the enamel has dried, apply a top coat clear varnish coat to protect design and paint.

For those looking for a somewhat more glamorous design, the decoration of the mobile can be completed using stickers or sequins. This type of product can be glued directly with the glue that comes from the factory.

With these simple steps we get our mobile to look just the way we like it and also to be totally different from the others.