Downloads Download Android Instant Apps: Try all the Apps! Throughout the Google I / O conference, the company…

Downloads Download Android Instant Apps: Try all the Apps! Throughout the Google I / O conference, the company…

Throughout the conference Google I / O, the company unveiled great news for the Android. One of them were important programs such as Allo, Google Assistant, Duo, among others. In addition to all this, this gigantic company also announced great news, the possibility of download Android Instant Apps. This is a new functionality that allows users to enter the Play Store from Android and test the applications directly without having to download it first, a huge advantage.

download Android Instant Apps1

What is Android Instant Apps?

While browsing the entire app store GoogleEach of the applications that are available will be shown as a module, which will be displayed when the user selects it. Through this module, the application can be used completely and without restrictions. Of course, there is still the possibility to download it normally. When it comes to an app that must be paid, it will have the integration of Android Pay, which is where it can be purchased.

To the download Android Instant Apps, we will find a great advantage, since we will be able to test any application that is available in the Play Store. Without a doubt, this will be of great help if we are looking for a particular type of application, but we do not know which one to choose.

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And this is not all, the best thing is that this new functionality will be able to be implemented from the versions of Jelly bean until Android N. In other words, for users who do not have the latest version of Android, they will be in equal conditions to be able to use Android Instant Apps without any kind of problems.

With this, the intention of Google is that the user does not only experiment with the application he wants to download before doing so. If not, also significantly increase the activity within the store of Google play.

How to download Android Instant Apps?

Now users can enjoy an experience that has never been seen in any other mobile app store. However, it should be noted that Android Instant Apps It has not yet been officially released. But don’t worry, there is a trial version which can be downloaded without problems through the official website of developers. Android. Here we will show you how.

To download Android Instant Apps you just have to follow the instructions below:

  1. Well if you want download Android Instant Apps, the first thing you should do is enter the development page of Android, you can do it through this link.
  2. Now, you must click on the green button and fill out the form that will be shown below.
  3. When you have filled in all the data, you must select in the option of Continue, so that you can download Android Instant Apps.

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This is all you need to download this new functionality in its beta version. Now you can try all the applications you want without having to download them first. What are you waiting for download Android Instant Apps and save space on your mobile?

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