Downloads Download CCleaner Free. Improves Windows performance As soon as we buy a computer or even the first time we …

Downloads Download CCleaner Free. Improves Windows performance As soon as we buy a computer or even the first time we …

We hardly buy a computer or even the first time we use it after installing Windows this obviously works in an incredible, fast and fluid way. But it is normal that, with the passage of time, with the use, downloading files, installing programs and all the things that we do every day, little by little it begins to become somewhat slow.

Learning to optimize the operating system is quite important and although there are ways to do this manually, we must bear in mind that not all of us know how to do it and even on many occasions we do not have the time required to do it.


Do not worry too much since luckily we can leave all this work to certain programs that are capable of optimizing the operating system in a matter of minutes. One of these programs and it is in my humble opinion, the best to perform this task is CCleaner.

CCleaner the best program to clean and optimize Windows performance

Why do I say it is the best? First of all, you have to keep in mind that it is free, obviously this is already a point in its favor. But in addition to this, let’s keep in mind that it is really effective to clean and optimize the computer to the maximum. In this way you can even free up space on your hard drive by eliminating duplicate or temporary files.

As I said, after the program in question performs an intense analysis of the system, it is ready to work by deleting temporary files that accumulate in the system, the history, recent documents that you do not need and hundreds of other things that all they do is take up space.

Besides that you can optimize the rest of the computer 100%, such as the Windows registry, obviously when we install and uninstall programs the registry grows and in many cases there are traces or “dirty” records, duplicates, etc. What CCleaner does is clean them to leave you a totally clean and optimized Windows registry.


More and more functions

In addition to being used to uninstall “rebellious” programs that do not want to be uninstalled or for some horrible reason in life it is impossible for us, you can create a system restore point among several other things.

In a nutshell you can optimize the performance of your computer in a not only effective way, but also considerably fast, because we assure you that doing all this will take you at most, and being somewhat exaggerated about 10 minutes.

To achieve all this you only have to download CCleaner totally free from its official website.