Downloads Download DaFont fonts When preparing documents, projects or jobs, if we use …

When preparing documents, projects or works, if we use Office in any of its versions or one free alternative In this program, we are going to find a wide variety of fonts to use. However, if they seem enough to us, we can always download DaFont fonts to have even more versions of script fonts available to us.

DaFont is a complete archive of very diverse fonts. We find fantasy fonts, typewriter, decorative, comic, medieval-looking, pixel, calligraphy, brush, manuscript … the options are almost endless and new fonts are uploaded quite regularly.

Such a number of fonts can be useful to find that type of font that can be useful to elaborate a work or a document. Furthermore, these fonts can also be used in photoshop and other photo editing programs.

Download DaFont fonts

Download DaFont fonts on Windows

Downloading and installing DaFont fonts is very simple, but we are going to see it step by step so that there is no doubt about the procedure to be followed.

First we enter the web Here we will find a large number of sources. We browse the page until we find the font that we like the most and download it by clicking on the “Download” button. that appears on the right side of the screen.

We choose the place where we want the Zip file download to take place. We look for the Zip file downloaded and unzipped it.

If we are using Windows 10, 8 or 7, we select from the unzipped files those that have extension .ttf, .otf and. fon. We make click with the right button of the mouse on those files and click on Install.

There is another method which is valid on all versions of Windows. We look for the files with the extensions that we have indicated before and We paste all the files in the Font folder, which is usually found in C: WindowsFonts.

Download DaFont fonts

Download and install DaFont fonts on Mac

In this case we visit and we search and download the font that we like the most. Once we have downloaded the files we have to unzip them Y search for files with extension .ttf and .otf, which are compatible with Mac.

Shared files must be taken to / Library / Fonts if we want all computer users to be able to use these sources or to / Users / username / Library / Fonts if we want the sources to be only available to us.

By following these simple steps, we can expand the catalog of fonts on our computer and we can now make use of them whenever we need or feel like it. With these types of fonts we can turn our documents or our edited photos into something truly unique and special.

DaFont Fonts has fonts of all styles and for all tastes, so it is sure not difficult to find the one that fits what you are looking for.