Downloads Download ES File Explorer for AndroidDo you need a good file explorer for your Android urgently?,…

Do you need a good file explorer for your Android urgently ?, If so, don’t worry. I bring you an excellent option that you can find in the store of Google play, you just have to download ES File Explorer for Android, is the best of all explorers and with everything you need.

This android app It is sure that you will love it, as it has a very comfortable and intuitive interface, so it will not be difficult for you to understand the application and its functionality is completely perfect.


What is ES File Explorer?

This is a very complete application, since it will not only give you the possibility to manage the files on your device Android, but also has the role of task manager, application manager and can even manage the clients of cloud storage services that you use the most, such as: SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and more.

There is no doubt that this is the best tool available for users who use the platform. Android, thus allowing them to manage all the resources from anywhere and at any time of the day in a very easy way. Simply put, it is the most useful app you could find.


How to download ES File Explorer for Android?

Did you like this application? Surely you did, since it has everything you were looking for and even more. If you wish download ES File Explorer for Android, there is no problem in doing it, since it is available in the official application store of Google play. Best of all, despite being such a complete and advanced application, it is completely free.

Steps to download ES File Explorer for Android:

Well if you wish download ES File Explorer for Android but you don’t know how to do it, you can have complete peace of mind, since here I will leave you a few steps on how you should do it and not fail in the attempt:

  1. The first thing you should do is open the application Google play in you Android.
  2. Now you must search for the application ES File Explorer With the help of the search engine, it will surely appear first, so you won’t have much trouble finding it.
  3. When you have found the application, you must locate the install button and click on it. Once you have done this, a new window will appear with the necessary information to access this application, you just have to press where it says To accept.
  4. Now, the application should have started to download, you must wait for the download to finish and install automatically.
  5. When the installation is complete, you will be able to open the application. You just have to follow the instructions that appear from now on and you will be able to enjoy this great application.

If you have any problem to download ES File Explorer for Android, you can try the following direct link.


With this, you are guaranteed all the functions that the application offers, do you see how simple it is download ES File Explorer for Android? Now you have a complete application with everything you need and totally free.