Downloads Download free music from legal sitesWe all like to download free music to enjoy …

Downloads Download free music from legal sitesWe all like to download free music to enjoy …

We all like download free music to be able to enjoy our favorite songs, but we cannot always do it in a legal way. However, there are websites that are specialized in offering music in mp3 format that can be enjoyed for free and also legally, knowing that the intellectual property rights and copyright.

On the webs for download free music That we are going to review today you can listen to music in mp3 format without an Internet connection, either from a computer, a tablet, a mobile or an mp3 player. They contain songs from all musical genres under Creative Commons license.

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Mp3Skull to download free music

Mp3Skull is one of the users’ favorite options when it comes to downloading free music. It has been in operation for several years and stands out for its simplicity. We can use the search engine to locate the song we want or we can visit Top downloads to find out the songs that are playing the most.

Music + Box

Music + Box it is one of the largest music directories on the internet, one of the advantages is that it allows downloading without having to register and also has a wide catalog of musical genres. It contains themes from popular artists, but also new and unknown artists.

On this website it is possible to find music to download for free, but it also has songs that you have to pay for, especially those belonging to famous artists.


In Jamendo we can choose between download free music or listen to our favorite music while browsing the Internet. It contains a large number of free and 100% legal songs, its repository reaches up to three million songs.

You have access as a guest user, so if we don’t want to, we don’t need to register to use their services.


Emp3world It is a page with a very simple operation, in addition to downloading the song that we like, It makes it easier for us to download the album in which the song we want to download is located. We can use its Top section to discover new songs and discover the most fashionable themes.

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NoiseTrade is one of the legal and free music download websites with a more elegant interface. To be able to use their services we must register, but in exchange we find at our disposal a wide selection of music of all styles.

It incorporates files of the artists in which we can see their videos. Although the downloads are free, we have the option to donate some money to the songwriters to help them continue creating new songs.

It is clear that to download free music it is not necessary to resort to illegality, there are good websites where we can download music in mp3 format, for free and in a totally legal way. Thus helping new artists to make themselves known.

Other places where we can download music legally and for free are Wikipedia and YouTube.