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Because one of the things that makes Android one of the most used operating systems, is undoubtedly, the enormous freedom that allows us to have users. We cannot deny that without having any kind of knowledge we can customize every corner of it, even for those who know everything related to being a root user and the applications that you can use to be root, the world of customization is much wider still.


But for those who do not have much knowledge and, for example, want to take advantage of the entire screen of their Android phone or Tablet, it comes Full! Screen. A very useful app that can help you finally get the most out of the entire screen in front of you.

What specifically does the app do? In short, we get rid of the systembar. Some people do not mind, others if and others do not care, the issue is that for those people who do not feel comfortable or simply want to try a new experience on Android, this app will end up liking them.

Before continuing, we must clarify that with this app we do not lose the function of the systembar, at least not the main ones. In addition to the fact that we can configure it in the way that best suits us, in this way you can customize to the maximum and you have many possibilities thanks to Full! Screen to finally be able to leave your device as you want to the maximum and above all, the most important thing, in a comfortable way for the daily use that you give it.

The application is free, although it must be taken into account that the app is compatible with devices that have Android 3.1 or higher, at this point it is difficult for someone to continue using a Smartphone or Tablet with that version of Android, but they are warned. The app in question weighs 272 KB, so in a matter of seconds you will have it downloaded on your Android, with about a million downloads we can say that it is quite useful and is very well developed.


Download Full! Screen for Android

Obviously the first thing we are going to do is go to the official Android store to access the download of the app, from this link.

Now what we are going to do is simply locate the button that says “Install” so that the download begins, we give the necessary permissions by pressing “OK” and as I said it weighs very little so it will quickly be downloaded and installed on our device.

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