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Looking for a new messenger service better than the default of Android? If so, then you sure want download iMessage for Android. This chat service is amazing and manages to integrate in a pretty impressive way with the traditional SMS service that we have all been used to. In other words, you will have two message systems in one and they will have no problem working.


How effective is iMessage for Android?

There is something that you must be very clear and it is regarding the way in which the application works. Its operation is very simple if your device is connected to the Internet, either by a data plan or a WiFi network.

The application will keep the chat active so that you can communicate with all the people you want, if your device is not connected to the Internet, the application will automatically switch to the traditional messaging service, right?


How to download iMessage for Android?

Unfortunately I must inform you that this application is not available in the store Google play. Why? Because it is an exclusive messaging service for the devices that use ios, or so it was at first. Later, rumors began to spread that Manzana intended to make this service available to all users, just as it did with Apple Music. If this is confirmed, many users of Android they could enjoy this great service.

However, it is not all bad news, although this can be a somewhat complicated transfer, the idea is not ruled out. And is that some developers have taken the task of bringing this application to users of Android, of course, presenting it as a version not official. So the security of this application can be very questionable, so it is up to you whether you will make the decision to download it or wait for the official version.


Steps to download iMessage for Android:

If you want to download the version not official from iMessage for Android, then I will explain it to you in very simple steps to achieve it successfully:

  1. First, you must activate the option “Unknown origins”, This option can be located in the menu Settings / Security.
  2. Now, you must download iMessage for Android (the APK), through this direct link.
  3. When the download is complete, you must find the downloaded APK and install it, it is very simple, as if you installed any other APK.
  4. Now that you have installed the application, you can enjoy iMessage for Android.

It’s that simple to have this great service in our Android, but remember that you can put the security of the device at risk.


Although it is not possible download iMessage for Android officially, yes we can enjoy this service in a way not official. The only bad thing is that the security of the device is at risk. But this is at our discretion, we can wait until in the not too distant future the official application reaches the application store of Android or try this amazing APK. Anyway, it’s worth a try.