Downloads Download Kiwi for Android. Ask your friends what you want When we want to meet someone we obviously start by asking different things about …

When we want to meet someone, we obviously start by asking them different questions on a wide variety of topics. Sometimes we may not have the trust relationship that is necessary to ask such questions or for whatever reason, we do not want to do it face to face or in conversation. For those kinds of moments there Kiwi, a fairly simple application for Android, but above all things too funny where you will be able to see on a kind of wall, all the questions that your friends have been answering with their respective answers.


You will also receive many questions that can be on quite different topics, in addition to that you have to take into account that they can come from any friend or follower you have, who knows perhaps a secret admirer is asking you questions to get to know you.

Download Kiwi for Android

The first thing you should do obviously is create a profile and customize itKeep in mind that, in a nutshell, Kiwi is similar to a social network and without going any further due to its level of simplicity, I think many will look quite familiar to Twitter.


Every time they send you a question to answer or that someone has even answered one that you asked, you will have notifications on your mobile to be able to review them at the time, in this way you will be able to be constantly updated and ask another question when it is the moment.

¿How to download? It is not too complicated really since you should only enter the Play Store or simply follow the link that I leave below to make it easier for you.

[appbox googleplay com.chatous.pointblank]

Once the link is open, you should only go to where it says “Install” to click on that place, then what we are going to do is wait for the download to begin and it will immediately begin to install on our Android. Once finished, all we are going to have to do is locate the app icon on our device and simply run it and then create the account and enjoy Kiwi.

Currently there are millions of people around the world using this application, also remember that to be able to use it it is necessary that your device has Android 4.0 or higher.

As you can see, it is a fun and interesting application that may not be based on our device but that will undoubtedly give us hours and hours of entertainment.