Downloads Download Mi TelefĂ© for Tablet: The TelefĂ© on your iOS and AndroidDo you currently live in Argentina ?, then it is very likely that somewhere …

Do you currently live in Argentina ?, then it is very likely that at some point you have tuned into the channel of the Federal Television. Through this medium it is possible to enjoy the most entertaining transmissions such as: Gigolo, Crazy about you, Loving after loving and more. If you do not know all the content that the programming of this channel offers, then there is no problem, the company of this channel has its own application. To the download My Telefé for Tablet, you can be aware of everything that the channel offers.


What is interesting about My Telefé for Tablet?

It has a very friendly, comfortable and simple interface to provide a complete calendar on Federal Television programming. If you want to see a specific program, you can add it to your favorites list. In addition to this, you will also find a section with the channel’s most prominent programs, where you can find the most popular ones.

This is not all, if you are one of those people who easily forget dates and times, which happens to many people, the application of My Telefé for Tablet has a functionality for you. It will no longer be possible for you to lose a program by forgetting it, because the application has an alarm system that you can configure to warn you just at the moment that a transmission is starting and thus not let it be overlooked.

If you are not near a television or it is occupied by someone else who does not want to see the same programming as you, do not worry. This application has its own signal live streaming so you can watch your favorite shows from your tablet. On the other hand, in the application of My Telefé for Tablet You will also find a large amount of content available in real time and at any time.


How to download My Telefé for Tablet?

You probably already wish download My TelefĂ© for Tablet, true?. Well you’re in luck, it is possible to do both for Tablets with ios as with Android and completely free, since it is available in the official application store for both systems.

Steps to download Mi Telefé for Android Tablet:

  1. First, you must enter the application of Google play.
  2. Now, you must type in the search bar My TelefĂ©. If you can’t get the app, try this link.
  3. When you have found the application, you must select it and press where it says Install. Next, information will appear regarding what you need to access the application, you just have to click on To accept.
  4. Now the application should have started to download, you must wait for the download to finish and install automatically.
  5. When it has been installed, you can now open it and enjoy your favorite programs.

Steps to download Mi Telefé for Tablet with iOS:

  1. In you iPad, you must enter iTunes.
  2. Then you must search My Telefé, if you do not get the application use this link.
  3. When you are in the details of the application, you must click on to download.
  4. Once the download is finished, it will install automatically and you can watch your favorite shows on your iPad.


Do you see how simple it is download My Telefé for Tablet?, You no longer have excuses to lose your favorite programs from the Federal Television channel.

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