Downloads Download Microsoft Word for Windows in SpanishMicrosoft Word is the word processor that comes with …

Microsoft Word is the word processor that comes with the package Office from Microsoft, the world’s most popular office suite that is available for all different versions of Windows.

The amount of things we can do with Microsoft Word there are many, it is simply a fantastic program for those who have to study or work, considerably complete for any task that requires writing texts.


We also have templates available and many others online to be able to write any kind of document you require, in this way it will be considerably easier for you to start writing in documents that have pre-configured and formatted structures such as: Resumes, labels, invoices, calendars, etc.

Create and edit everything

We can create incredible texts, editing everything around, adding images, bold, subtitles, tables, shapes, graphics, links. Besides that it comes with a spell checker, which I must say is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time, grammar correction for those who have a hard time in this aspect plus it even has a great function which is translation.

The variety of formats

Currently there are several programs that are similar to Microsoft Word, such as OpenOffice and LibreOfficeThe good thing about Word is that it allows you to save documents not only in DOCX format, which would be the same as this program, but also in the format of other text editors such as those mentioned above, giving you enormous freedom when you want to edit or open them to read them on another computer that perhaps, for some horrible reason in life, does not have Word.


Backing up in the cloud

The best of all is that you can not only save the documents on your computer, but you can also save them in the cloud, uploading them to Onedrive and in this way to be able to have the document not only ready to share with whoever you want but also totally safe in case something happens to the computer and at this point I must tell you that personally it has saved me on more than one occasion of losing considerably valuable texts due to the fact that once my hard drive crashed and ended up dying, so bear in mind.


The most attractive thing in a few words that this program has and trying to make a summary of what I mentioned before is that: First of all, it is very easy and intuitive to use, plus it has a considerable number of templates and is very good integrated with other Microsoft services such as OneDrive or Skype, for example. Files can be saved in a huge variety of formats, it has translation and spell check, and it allows us to perform a huge amount of tasks.

How to download Microsoft Word in Spanish for Windows

It is not complicated at all to do it, simply follow the link that we are going to leave here and download the program by clicking on the button that says “to download“After this, save the file somewhere on your computer where it is easy to reach it and then execute it by double-clicking it. Follow the instructions and in this way you will soon be able to enjoy one of the best text editors today.