Downloads Download PagoRut for Android. Do all your banking procedures from your mobile Thanks to the amount of advances that are being made it is …

Thanks to the amount of advances that are being made, we can currently do most of the procedures from our mobiles, which is much more comfortable and safe since you do not have to be carrying money or cards that you can lose or can be stolen. If you are to use this method then you have to know about the Banco Estado application, it has integrated a new option which is called PagoRut.


With Banco Estado application you will be able to make transactions, notifications and information on the balance of customers who have CuentaRUT. Although with this new option you can now make and receive payments in a simple and fast way, so if you want to have these benefits then I recommend that you keep reading because later you will find the steps you have to follow to have this app on your mobile.

What is Banco Estado and its new option about

Banco Estado is an application with which you can do banking procedures quickly and easily with greater security since you can do it from the comfort of your home. Through it you will be able to receive offers and all the receipts of the operations you carried out online from your mobile.

PagoRut is a new option With which this app has, with it you will be able to make and receive payments from users who have CuentaRUT. This operation can be done easy, fast and it is quite safe just as you would do it from the official website in the Banking section.

How to download the PagoRut application

In order to have this application on your Android, you have to download Banco Estado since they are integrated. It doesn’t matter what operating system your mobile has because you can find it both in the App Store and in the Play Store.

On Android

The first thing you have to do is follow the following link to the Play Store, when you enter you will look for the Install button and press it. Once you press it, a small window will appear where you will be shown the information that the app has to access, just accept and wait for the download and installation process to finish.


On iOS

If you have an iPhone you can also have this app, just follow the link to the iTunes page where you will find the application to download. Then you are going to look for the Download button and press it To start the download, you just have to wait for this process to finish in order to enjoy PagoRut.

How to use PagoRut

Using this option is quite simple, once you download the application you will open it. The moment you do it, you will see four options that are: PagoRut, Slado, Notifications and Contact Us. You have to select PagoRut in order to start using it, although you first have to activate this option and to do so you have to enter your RUT and then the ATM password. Once you enter the password, you will be asked for the transfer code numbers and once you do, you will use this option. So that you can understand everything much better, I leave you this video where you can see how to use PagoRut.