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When you were an infant, did you never have the dream of having a pet that was something different from the rest? Of course it was. So if you want this to happen, you must download Pou for Mobile. An application that will give us the task to take care of a tiny brown alien.


What is Pou?

Pou is a pet from another planet, this character has a very strange shape and brown, which makes it very particular. This pet will begin as our baby from the beginning of the game, so we must clean it, dress it, feed it, play with it and everything necessary so that its life is very pleasant and thus it can grow up healthy and happy.

The highlight of this game is that while Pou It grows, we are leveling up, so the care of this funny little friend will become more and more demanding.

It should be noted that this game is worth trying, since without realizing it, we will end up glued to our cell phone for several hours looking for a way to unlock new hats, clothes, food and more objects that you can only discover when download Pou for mobile.


How to download Pou for Mobile?

Pou It has become the favorite virtual pet of many. This mysterious creature comes from another planet, that is something that we all already know, which is why this application is highly requested both on mobile platforms Android as ios Y Windows Phone.

If you want download Pou for Mobile, you must follow the instructions that I will leave you below, so you can download this game for all available mobile platforms. Let’s see:


Steps to download Pou for Android:

  1. You must first enter Google play.
  2. Then you should search Pou with the help of the search bar. If you can’t, you can help yourself with this link.
  3. When you get the game, you must click on the icon of the game and then on the button Install, a window will appear with the necessary information to access the application and you must click on To accept.
  4. When you’ve done this Pou It should have started to download, once the download is finished you can play Pou for Android.

Steps to download Pou for iOS:

  1. First, you must enter iTunes on your device with ios.
  2. Now, you must search Pou, when you have found it you must click on the button to download. Now, the download process should have started, you should wait for it to finish and install automatically. If you can’t get the game, use this link.
  3. When the download is finished, you can open this game. What remains is to follow the instructions that appear and so you can start taking care of Pou.

Steps to download Pou for Windows Phone:

  1. To begin, you must enter the Microsoft Store on your device.
  2. Then search Pou and click on the button Get the App. If you don’t get it, this link it will help you.
  3. Wait for the download to complete and you can play take care of Pou.

It’s that simple download Pou for mobile, so you can start taking care of this fun little creature, help her grow up healthy, strong and happy!