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Today we have to talk about an application that ends up being quite useful in reality, it is about RoomScan Pro for Android. Surely on more than one occasion it happened to you that you want to change something of place or you simply want to modify a room and a small problem always arises. Which one? The measurements, whether to modify a place, a piece of furniture, run something to a certain area of ​​a room, the measurements are a whole issue that robs you of several minutes if not hours, when you are trying this or that. For that reason we recommend download RoomScan Pro for Android, to save you a lot of time and above all, make these kinds of situations much simpler.


More than just taking measurements

With RoomScan we are not left alone in “Taking measurements” not at all, because in addition to measuring the walls, we will also be able to put together plans of the rooms, in this way you can make certain calculations about what you want to do, about the furniture in general, etc.

Keep in mind that for the application to work properly you have to be quite precise and accommodate the mobile in an exact way. It does not work by magic, it is not a matter of entering the room, taking a photo from any angle and magically we have all the data, not like that.

We need to use it as if it were a kind of real meter, we have to put our Smartphone on a wall and from there we start.

So for the application can make the plan of the room It is necessary that you pass the Smartphone through each of the walls of the room.

Thus, in an easy, fast and simple way You will be able to correctly take the measurements of each room in your home so that when you want to modify a sector or, for example, you are shopping thinking about new furniture for your home, you can correctly choose the one that suits you best and above all save yourself Unpleasant surprises like getting home and that piece of furniture is too big for where you planned to put it.

In short, it can end up being quite useful for many situations and is one of the best applications for mobile devices.


Download RoomScan Pro for Android

Keep in mind that this app is not in the Google store, therefore, it is necessary that, in order to use it on your Android, you download the APK file. For this you should search Google precisely Download RoomScan Pro APK for Android.

Download RoomScan Pro for iOS

Although for those who have an Apple device if possible, it is available from the App Store by following this link that we leave you here.

The way to download is simple, the only thing we are going to do is press where it says “Download” and we wait for it to finish, once finished we simply open the app and start using it.