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Possibly on more than one occasion you have been in that position where you do not have mobile data or there is no mobile signal directly, but if you look, you find multiple WiFi signals although they all have the blessed padlock. Is there any way to guess the password? Am I going offline? Stay calm because for these kinds of situations there is a very interesting app that will help you decipher and get all the WiFi passwords that you have nearby, that’s why today we recommend Download Router Keygen for Android.

Router keygen

Decrypting WiFi keys

It’s not difficult to do it, nor is it magical. Keep in mind that this class of applications have certain limitations and it is that obviously the only way for the app in question to be able to decipher the passwords is only if the owner of the WiFi does not change the one that comes by default, in case If I had changed it for something more personal, possibly no application can serve you.

We must bear in mind that basically the passwords they give us, the ones generated with the router are very good, we cannot deny it. But they are too easy to penetrate when it comes to security, which is why applications like Router Keygen have the opportunity to crack the passwords of various WiFi signals.

Testing Router Keygen

Do you know what else this app is useful for? Perhaps you think that it will not be useful because you have a balance on your line, because if you do not have a connection it does not bother you. But what if someone is connected to your WiFi without permission? You should download Router Keygen for Android In order to be sure that an app like this cannot enter your WiFi, if it can, we recommend that you at least change the password to one that is as difficult as you can imagine.


Finally, the app does not really consume any space or battery. Only 4.3 MB of space on our Android is what it will consume, with a version 2.3.3 or higher you can now download this app. Taking this into account, it is a good idea to have it downloaded in case at some point we really need to be connected for any horrible reason in life and we have no choice but to steal WiFi.

Download Router Keygen for Android

All you have to do is follow this link that takes you directly to the Play Store.

Now you must look for the button that says “Install”, a sign appears that asks you to give permissions to the application, accept it so that it begins to download and after it finishes and installs, you can enjoy Router Keygen.

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