Downloads Download Snapchat and enjoy one of the best instant messaging applications. Haven’t you tried Snapchat yet? I don’t know what you are waiting for but you should …

Haven’t tried Snapchat yet? I don’t know what you are waiting for but you should have this application already on your mobile. I am sure that at some point you have seen how celebrities give a lot to talk about with photos that are very sexy and revealing or how many young people had problems with their parents since they publish things that should not be there for everyone to see.


Like me, you must have wondered what this application is about, the truth is that it is very good for something it has been so successful. For this reason I recommend download snapchatWith it you will be able to have fun and also have another way of communicating with your acquaintances without forgetting that you can also meet new people.

What is Snapchat about

This application I entered the store in 2011 and despite the fact that its official launch was first in the United States in a short time, it became popular enough to be released worldwide. Snapchat is available on both Android and iOS therefore it does not matter what operating system you have because you will be able to enjoy it anyway.

Surely you wonder what is Snapchat? Is it a social network or a messaging application? I understand that you have this question since at the time I had it, it is a mobile application that allows all its users to send photos and videos to their contacts. But unlike other apps these files that you send will have a time limit in which you can see which you program.

That is When you send an image according to the time you put that can be seconds or minutes, it will be automatically deleted after that time is up. Many take it as a social network since it has the mode of followers like Instagram therefore if you want to make something public for everyone to see you can, the period of time you decide to use with your files will be so much for the publications as for private messages.

Editing photos and videos

The best of all is that with Snapchat you can edit all photos and videos although if it is more comfortable you can do them directly from the application. It has a wide variety of filters and other elements that will make your videos funny or annoying, everything as you want. You you can increase or decrease the speed and add all the figures you want.


How to download Snapchat

Downloading Snapchat is very simple On any of the platforms, if you ask me if it is worth downloading it, I’ll say yes because you can have fun and also see all the nonsense that others upload when even celebrities are bored.

On Android

If the operating system of your mobile is Android to download the app you have to enter the Play Store, in the search engine write the name to start the search. Once you have the results you will enter the tab where it gives you all the information and you will press the Install button. The last thing to do is wait for the download and installation process to finish so that you can start enjoying Snapchat.

On iOS

In this case only you have to enter the App Store, search for the app with the search engine as in the previous point. When you have the results, you will enter the first option and You will go directly to the option that says Download, there you will press to start the download. You wait for it to finish, open it and you can now enjoy this app to the fullest.