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It is always necessary to have a GPS, at the moment you least expect it, you will be needing yes or yes, even if it is to move around your city. It happens to me on many occasions that I have to go to a friend’s house or that I have to deliver certain works and when they give me the address I have no idea where it is, perhaps I am located a bit but I do not know exactly where it is , that is why a GPS is extremely important but in addition to this it must be borne in mind that now it is easier to have a GPS no need to buy any extra device but thanks to our mobile device with Android we can have one on our mobile for any location problem we have.


Download Sygic: GPS Navigation for Android

There’s a lot GPS apps for Android, but I assure you that none are as good and above all, as complete in many ways as Sygic GPS is. Because it doesn’t just show you directions that you write, it is an ideal voice GPS for you to use even in your car, it has advanced navigation functions and TomTom maps what can you consult without the need to be connected to the Internet neither by data nor by WiFi.

It also has 3D animations of cities in general, with all TomTom maps, as I said before, completely interactive and extremely complete in detail. If you have an internet connection, you can check the traffic in each area at all times, it even has audio alerts that can be really useful.

Creating route points is too simple and above all intuitive, you will never get lost again in your own city or when you travel in your car.


One of the best if not the best

It is impressive as the 3d rendering It helps us to locate and recognize places in a much more precise way, especially when we must walk through areas that we do not know too much about and we need to locate a specific house or any commercial premises.

Thanks to a subscription that is optional, we can have fully updated maps day after day.

In order to download and install it, we only have to access the Play Store from the link that you can see below.

[appbox googleplay com.sygic.aura]

The best of all is that it has a completely free version, in addition to being You can use some old Android devices as it requires that they have Android 4.0 up. The only thing we could say is “bad” is that the app in question has in-app purchases, but that’s the least of it because with the free version you can get a lot out of it, more than other GPS competitors.