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There is a huge variety of video editing programs, it is clear that each one will have its advantages and disadvantages, but generally when we decide to edit a video depending on what purposes we do it, one program or another will be useful. Why I say this? Because evidently it is not possible to achieve with Windows Movie Maker what can be achieved with Sony Vegas Pro True?


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Then then we will see different free video editing programs or that they are for a while.

Sony Vegas Pro: This is a professional video editor with all the letters and I say this because it has a huge variety of advantages to be able to create and modify audiovisual content in real time. You can edit and render any video with impressive precision, plus it’s also GPU-accelerated performance. You can work with files of quite variable quality, from the worst quality which would be the SD, up to HD, Full HD, 2K and up to 4K.

Windows Movie Maker: What else can we say about this program? It is one of the most popular video editors not because it is the best, but because it is like Internet Explorer, since in old versions of Windows it is factory installed. It is a fairly simple editor, but perhaps too simple that it does not even reach the heels of, for example, the Sony Vegas Pro. Of course, if you want to edit simple videos for the family it is your best option.

Adobe After Effects: This application is really used more than anything by professionals, not only will you be able to edit different types of files, but you will also be able to create animations and put the effect you want to them, modify videos and much more. One of the great attractions of this program is the possibility of creating 3D graphics, putting movement effects in any kind of image and even creating texts in three dimensions.


Ezvid: I had the opportunity to try this video editor which is free, but at the same time quite simple, we cannot deny that it is powerful and works quite well, but it is still something simple, I think between this and Windows Movie Maker, I have no idea Which one to stay with in terms of simplicity, but it cannot be denied that it works quite well, it is fast and you can upload your content directly to YouTube, for example.

Windows Live Movie Maker: Let’s say it’s like his younger brother the Windows Movie Maker, but in this case it was designed exclusively for the Windows Live application package. It is slightly more advanced than the one we discussed above, it accepts a greater variety of video formats, in addition to having better effects in general and in my opinion it allows us to edit the videos more quickly, even so, it is still a fairly simple program .