Downloads Download Torrents, Google Crashes Return Bad news for torrent fans, Google is back …

Bad news for fans of download torrents, Google has returned to the load and is blocking some of the major torrent sites for those who try to access both directly from the search engine and from some of the browsers compatible with safe browsing of the company.

In the last few hours some of the users who have tried to access sites like they are finding that they cannot enter the web. As has happened on other occasions, it is not something generalizedIt seems that it is a blockade that only affects certain places.

At the moment it is unknown if it is an attempt by Google to block those websites such as Elitetorrent, which are known to include content protected by copyright and intellectual property rights, or if it is an error as it has happened on other occasions.


Enter blocked websites to download torrents

The curious thing is that the blockade that Google has carried out is not total. What has been blocked is the main domain, but all other subdomains can be accessed containing access to torrents.

Those users who are affected by the block can continue to access by clicking on the section Details of the blocking page displayed by Google, indicating that the content is trusted.

Intellectual property is a complex subject and the legislation is still not very clear. In the United States there have been cases of people who have been tried and convicted for downloading copyrighted content, but in Spain the legislation is different.

Here what is penalized is those companies or people who provide download links and also do so for profit.

In no case will a citizen be penalized for downloading content from the Internet, in the same way that, as the Court of Justice of the European Union has assured, neither should those who share links or torrents without profit be penalized. and without proof that the works have been published without the permission of the rights holders.


India encourages the use of torrents

While in Europe and the United States a battle has been unleashed to protect copyright in which mobile operators are increasingly involved, in India the opposite situation is experienced and we find mobile phone operators that encourage torrenting and even facilitate downloads so that they are done faster. In fact, some operators have teamed up with Torbox to streamline file downloads, while reducing the number of connections outside the operators’ network by between 10% and 20%. Without a doubt, one more sample of the great cultural differences that exist throughout the world.

And have you had any problems connecting to torrent sites today?