Downloads How to download free books legally? Are you looking for information to be able to download free books completely …

Are you looking for information to be able to download free books in a completely legal way on your computer or smart mobile device? So you have to know that there are many platforms to take into account. Of course, it is easy to understand that finding them can bring us some difficulties, but beyond that, in this article you will find absolutely all the information about it.

Indeed, we know that for many users who do not have much time or who are very fond of technology, e-books are an excellent way to follow all their favorite works without too much effort. In this particular case, some of its advantages have to do with that they cost less than physical books, and for obvious reasons, they are also easier to transport.

EBooks have then become an excellent alternative as long as we know where to download free books from, beyond the traditional sites among which we can obviously mention Amazon Kindle, Casa del Libro, iTunes or Google Play. In this article you will find some of the best alternatives to these platforms, so you better keep reading if you are interested in the matter.


The best sites to download free books

Library and Goose and Octopus: we begin with the first of the alternatives that we are sure that many of our readers will appreciate, in the specific case of the Library and Goose and Octopus, about which we must say that it has more than 36,000 books in various languages ​​available, with more than 30,000 ebooks that are completely free for users, so do not lose sight of it.

Project Gutenberg: The Gutenberg project It is one of those that has occupied us more than once in the past, considering that it is an alternative somewhat different from the others, with more than 50,000 ebooks available to us. Regarding this platform, we must indicate some differential elements, such as outstanding works in Spanish of the caliber of those by Cervantes, Pío Baroja, Jacinto Benavente, Blasco Ibáñez, etc.

eBiblio: and we move on to eBiblio as the third of the applications or platforms that we believe could be extremely useful when it comes to downloading books for free, in its case with around 200,000 licenses of hundreds of thousands of books, ensuring that we never run out of content. In addition, it has the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, in collaboration with the Autonomous Communities.

Casa del Libro: and finally we are going to finish, how could it be otherwise, with House of the book, which many consider to be a kind of competition for Amazon, due to the enormous amount of content it has. Unlike other sites, in this case the emphasis is not on classic books, but rather on current ones, which, as we know, is more difficult to obtain for free.

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