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Nature is so beautiful that landscape photos They are always attractive and can be used both as a wallpaper on a mobile, tablet or computer and to decorate the walls in homes, offices or commercial premises.

To take a photo of a truly spectacular landscape, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of lights and shadows and to have good photographic equipment.

Not all of us are lucky enough to be able to take really spectacular photos, but there are websites where we can download landscape photos.


The best websites to download landscape photos

It is a website specialized in photography. In it we can find a wide variety of photos related to nature and landscape photos. Many of them can be downloaded for free as they are copyright free.

In each image we can see a legend type box that indicates the type of image in question, its resolution, the time it has been uploaded to the web, the category in which it is hosted, the visits it has received and the downloads it has received. have been carried out.

Each time we click on a photo to see it, we can also see other similar images that could be of interest to us.

This website has a space dedicated especially to photography within which you can find a wide variety of landscape photos and nature photos. It even has a specific section of wallpapers.

For those who are fond of photography, the National Geographic website has a photo tips space and a specific section with tips for taking landscape photos.

This website has a wide repertoire of images, with a section dedicated exclusively to landscapes. The photographs you have are of natural landscapes and urban landscapes from around the world.

It also has a blog section that covers all kinds of topics, including those related to nature.

Pinterest and Instagram

Photography and image have become the main protagonists of social networks in recent years.

Pinterest and Instagram are Social Media that from the beginning have specialized in photography. Using the hashtag #landscapes we can have access to a good number of photographs that reflect landscapes from all over the world.

It is a website specialized in photography that also has a section dedicated exclusively to landscapes. We can find photos of places as diverse as the Rainbow Mountain in China, the Naranjo de Bulnes in Asturias or the salty deserts of Iran.

This page incorporates short reports on some of the world’s leading landscape photographers, while also compiling some of their best works.


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