Downloads Tablet Battery Does NOT Last Nothing, Discharges Quickly. Let’s fix it Obviously a Tablet can end up being considerably more comfortable to perform …

Obviously a Tablet can end up being considerably more comfortable to perform some specific tasks, perhaps not so much in terms of mobility but when it comes to checking social networks, working and those things are undoubtedly more comfortable than any Smartphone or even phablet. At the same time Being larger they have batteries of a much larger size and therefore the duration of the same is much longer.

In case you Tablet start to lose battery quickly, in this article we will try to help you find the cause of the problem so that in this way you can find a quick solution and enjoy your Tablet properly after all.

My tablet’s battery drains quickly

First of all, keep in mind that you should be aware that batteries have a useful life and therefore If your Tablet is already one or two years old, it may be worn out and that is why it does not last long.

In case that is not the case or you are sure that your battery continues to work perfectly then we will see what the reasons may be and how to find them. Also before continuing I want to make it clear that It would not be a good idea to use the Tablet connected to the current as it would only make it hotter and therefore, the useful life of the device in general is reduced considerably.

Saving battery

We are going to see there are several things that can make the battery last absolutely nothing and we are going to mention them in detail below.


Brightness of the screen: Obviously it is something fundamental, the more brightness is used, the more battery it consumes, the amount that a screen that has the maximum brightness can consume is quite impressive. So in case it is not necessary, you should lower it to the minimum possible.

Connections: The same happens with the Smartphone that while you use Wifi the battery lasts longer than with mobile data, you should take into account what kinds of connections you have and deactivate those that are not necessary.


Evidently there are many applications that consume too much battery such as: Facebook. It can be configured from the app options so that it never looks for status updates, generally it is set every hour. So there you would be saving too much battery.

There are many apps that eat battery and a lot, especially those that remain in the background. So if you don’t use any app for a long time, we recommend that you uninstall them directly.