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Java is one of the most widely used programming languages ​​worldwide. In recent years some competitors have emerged that little by little have made this language lose part of its importance, but if we have it installed on our computer, the best thing is update java to avoid possible errors and security flaws.

The importance of updating

We always recommend that you update all the applications and programs that you have installed on your electronic devices and computers. With the update we can enjoy the latest news and also I know fix bugs and correct possible security flaws, so updating is always an advantage.


Update Java

When updating Java, keep in mind that downloading the program and its updates is always free. The latest versions include improvements to the performance, stability, and security of applications installed on your computer that use Java.

If we have Java updated, we have the ensuring that applications using this language will continue to run safely and efficiently.

To update Java it is best to do it from the official Web. The most recent versions of Java for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris.

You can keep reading about how install Java on PC and Mac.

Automatic Java update

Java Uptade It is a Java functionality that allows you to keep your computer updated with the latest version of Java. The system periodically checks for updates and if a new version is detected, it informs the user about it so that they can proceed to update.

Information about the update is usually given to the user in the week following its publication. But you can also schedule how often to check for updates and you can even make a manual check.

When it is notified that an update is available, click on the notification message to start the update process.

The application itself recommends on its website that notifications are not deactivated, in this way the user ensures that their system will always have the latest patch updates. For those who do not want to constantly receive information on available updates, it is best to change the periodicity with which Java updates are reported.


Schedule update notification frequency

The frequency for updates can be daily, weekly or monthly and the user can change it to his liking. To do this, you must go to Update within the Java Control Panel and then to Advanced. The Automatic Update: Advanced Settings dialog box appears, here you can change the frequency, date and time of updates. Once the configuration is finished, click on Accept and from that moment the notifications will be made with the periodicity indicated by the user.

Changing the frequency of the update notice may cause problems in cases where the user is not logged in as a system administrator or if the network administrator has disabled this function.