E-on Software announces Vue 6 Easel, Esprit and Pro Studio

The new products complete the range consisting of the professional version Vue 6 Infinite and Vue 6 xStream, and are aimed at casual users, professional artists and illustrators respectively.

Vue 6 Easel is designed as an introductory product to creating natural 3-D scenes. It incorporates the ability to create scenes by using predefined elements, adding characters and selecting the point of view to create the final “photograph”. In this release, several enhancements have been added to Vue 6, such as spectral atmospheres and volumetric clouds, image-based lighting, and support for high resolution dynamic range (HDRI), as well as support for Poser characters, new tools for terrain generation and post-processing effects as well as the ability to create forests more quickly.

Vue Esprit incorporates a greater number of lighting and atmospheric effects, a wider range of objects that can be incorporated into scenes, improved vegetation support, and improved modeling and rendering capabilities, as well as a more extensive material library.

Vue 6 Pro Studio completes the offer. Using the same feature set as Vue 6 Sprit, it adds five expansion models that provide additional capabilities: botany, to create custom plant species; an advanced lighting engine called LightTune; a manager of scenes and materials called DeepAccess; a hybrid network rendering module called HyperVue; and EcoSystem, in which you can add more plants, rocks and other objects.

Product prices are $ 99, $ 199, and $ 399 respectively for Vue Easel, Vue Sprit, and Vue 6 Pro Studio.

The system requirements are Mac OS X 10.3 or later, 1.25 GHz or better (including Intel equipment), 512 MB of RAM, 200 MB of hard disk and a minimum resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels.