Effects tool for Final Cut Pro

DvGarage has released the latest version of its node-based special effects plug-in for Final Cut Pro HD and Motion 2. Conduit 1.5 allows video editors to use a node-based composition window when applying effects . This means that these effects can be constructed using a flow chart in a similar way to how they can be applied in Shake.

According to Alex Lindsay, founder of dvGarage, “Conduit brings together the composition process into an application that acts as a graphics processing unit (GPU). As a result, when you create an effect with Conduit, you will be getting better performance and color accuracy compared to that offered by Final Cut Pro itself. “

Conduit 1.5 uses Apple’s FXPlug technology to combine high-level nodal comps that take advantage of the acceleration of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), allowing users to employ a wide variety of time-generated compositing visuals. real.

Conduit is available as a download at a price of $ 149. The download includes Conduit for Final Cut Pro 1.5.1 or Motion 2, a three-month access to Pixel Corps, and about an hour of video training and a quick-use guide.

Web: www.dvgarage.com