Emulators Download Download Donkey Kong Nintendo 64. A classic on any device Possibly if you are between 25 or 30 years old you will remember the time …

Possibly if you are between 25 or 30 years old you will remember the time of Nintendo 64 with a lot of affection and it is possibly one of the best. We didn’t have as realistic graphics as we do today. However, the quality of the titles that each company, especially Nintendo, gave us from time to time was impressive.


Today I want to recommend you download Donkey Kong Nintendo 64, a game that undoubtedly caught hundreds of people in its time and that, today, still attracts the attention of many others, it is not for less either because if we are to the case, if we have to take into account the great quality of the final product, we find a game where although the years denote the passage of time, especially in the graphic section. In creativity this game is simply fantastic and much more than any of this era.

If we are going to buy this game graphically with those of the current generation, obviously it loses, but in its time it was one of the best graphics had. Besides that it had quite interesting and fun gameplay.

We are on Donkey Kong Island, here we will live an enormous adventure full of dangers that will constantly haunt us in each of the corners of it.

Download Donkey Kong Nintendo 64 for Android

To be able to enjoy the game on Android you need to download the emulator to your device MegaN64 that you can find in the Play Store by following this link.

As for the rom of the game, you can get it by searching Google, we cannot provide you with it.


Download Donkey Kong Nintendo 64 for iOS

For iOS we recommend that you look for the emulator RetroArch which is extremely effective and works very smoothly. Again the ROM and you will have to look for it yourself.

Download Donkey Kong Nintendo 64 for Windows Phone

For those who have Windows Phone you can use the emulator Win64e10 which works quite well with any Nintendo 64 game. They download it and then go to find the ROM in question to be able to enjoy this great title.

Download ROM Donkey Kong Nintendo 64

It is not too complicated to download it, we recommend that in Google you put “Donkey Kong Rom for Nintendo 64” and among the first three results you will have quite relevant websites on that subject to be able to download the file you are looking for.