Emulators Download How to download AndroGens APK, the best Sega emulator Thanks to emulators, today we have the possibility to …

Thanks to emulators, today we have the possibility of playing console games on our mobiles, although there are so many that there are that it is difficult to find a good emulator. The one that gave me the best result was AndroGens, this is capable of running all the games on the platform without any problem.


Therefore, if you miss those games from one of the first video game consoles that were released, I recommend you download AndroGens APK. Although you can also find the application in the Play Store, which would make it easier to download but if your mobile is not compatible then you can download the APK file, in any case I will tell you how you have to do in both cases.

SEGA Genesis emulator for Android

This app called AndroGens is capable of emulating all the games of the SEGA Genesis console through ROMs, reaching a compatibility of up to 99.9%. You have the option to adjust the control buttons such as changing the size, position and even the amount but the best part is that has a support for physical controllers like joysticks and controllers.

The interface it has is simple and easy to use, it is also optimized for the consumption of the RAM and battery of the device. The good thing is that it only weighs 4.1 megabytes therefore you will have plenty of space for other applications, another good thing about it is that has optimization and support for Sony Xperia Play.

How to install AndroGens from Play Store

You have the option of downloading the emulator from the Google store, although in order to do so there must be compatibility with your mobile. So if it is compatible, what you have to do is follow the following link to the Play Store, then you are going to look for the Install button and press it. When you do, a window will appear showing you the information that the app has to access, just press accept and the download will begin.

Downloading AndroGens from the store is quite simple, you just have to wait a few minutes for the download and installation process to finish so you can enjoy the SEGA Genesis games.


How to download AndroGens APK

In the event that your mobile is not compatible you can have this emulator anyway since you can download the APK file of it. So first what you have to do is download the AndroGens APK Following this link, it is best to do it from your mobile but in any case you can do it from the computer and then through USB you pass it to the external memory of your device.

Before doing so it is important that you activate the unknown sources which you will find in the following: Settings> Security. Once you have the emulator’s APK file on your mobile, what you have to do is find it and run it To start the installation, the last thing you have to do is wait for the procedure to finish.

So now you know what is the best way to relive those old classics of some consoles that have marked the before and after of a whole generation.