Enjoy Spotify without restrictions on your cell phone as if you had a Tablet

Enjoy Spotify without restrictions on your cell phone as if you had a Tablet

If you are a fan of Spotify, one of the most popular streaming music services of the moment, and you do not have a Premium account, you should already know that in the versions of it for PC and tablets, music can be played without limit of song skips and without being forced to random reduction mode. Unfortunately if you have Spotify on a phone, these restrictions do apply unless you sign up for a Premium account.


Today I bring you a little trick on Android that you can apply to make your free Spotify phone account behave the way it would on a tablet, that is, without restrictions on skipping songs, and with the freedom to choose the song you want to play at any time. Basically the trick is to trick the Spotify App into thinking that it is running on a Tablet and not on a phone. But before you get excited, you should know that there are requirements to be able to carry it out so let’s get into the matter.

Prerequisite to be ROOT

Have your Android phone with ROOT access. If you do not meet this requirement, it will not be possible to do this trick, so the first thing is to find out how to get ROOT access for your cell phone. Here is a guide on how to get ROOT access for the Moto G. Keep in mind that each phone has its own method to achieve ROOT access.

Steps to have Spotify without restrictions

Warning: Since we are talking about ROOT applications, there is always the risk that something could go wrong. Actually it is very unlikely, but not impossible, so before proceeding you must be aware that the steps that follow could have unwanted effects on your cell phone, take precaution and make a backup of your data and run them under your own. risk.

  1. Install Xposed Framework, which is a utility for Android that allows you to install modifications of all kinds called modules. With Xposed you will see that there is a whole universe of possibilities to make your Android the cell phone for you.

Spotify without restrictions

Xposed Framework App

  1. Install the module to Xposed, Tablet Metrics
  2. Install the module to Xposed, App Settings
  3. Activate the newly installed modules
    Spotify without restrictions

    Activate the modules

  4. Restart your cell phone
  5. If you already had Spotify installed, clear the cache and user data
  6. Access Xposed and then the AppSettings module, then in the Apps list, search for Spotify and access the configuration screen
  7. Press the Setting button so that it says “YES”, then in the “Screen” box of the drop-down list select the value 1000 × 1600 and prime the disk to save.
    Spotify without restrictions

    Setitngs App for Spotify

  8. Access Spotify and open your user account again. You will see that now you have all the benefits of Spotify for tablets. Happy playback without skipping limits.

Keep in mind that depending on the resolution of your cell phone, the image of the Spotify interface may appear smaller than before (since you are simulating as if you were on a Tablet).

What did you think of this trick, This great truth? Leave your comments at the end and enjoy your Spotify without restrictions.