Entel Perform APN configuration Entel Internet Many times, different companies offer their customers the possibility of …

Many times, different companies offer their clients the possibility of having Internet access for free, with certain limits of course, although accessing the service itself is not always too simple. That is why in this particular case We wanted to talk a bit about the APN Entel Internet configuration process, as many seem to have problems with it.

Indeed, as you can see, it is not a very global tutorial that can be used by most of our readers, but surely all those who want to have the configuration of the Internet APN for the Entel de Chile company, so if this is your case, don’t think twice, and start enjoying the Internet without paying as soon as possible.

Entel APN Configuration

Configuring APN Entel Internet

The first thing you have to do in this case then is go to Applications, the classic drawer that most Android mobile devices bring, although each of them in turn places it in a different section of the platform. Once you have found it, you will see that another internal Settings or Configuration section appears, which is what we can usually distinguish through the classic gear icon.

When you are there, you will see that many available options reappear, although you have to stay in particular with the wireless and network connections, Wireless networks, or the name that this option appears in particular. Within it we go to Mobile networks, and once you have completed this section, it will be time to select the access point names, or of course, APN.

We select the Menu or Options button, which again will depend on where the brand or model in question is located, and we will have to restore the default Internet settings, then selecting New APN. After that, you will have to enter a series of data in particular, which are the following, which we will put one by one to avoid having doubts about it.

Name: Mobile InternetAPN: bam.entelpcs.clProxy: undefinedPort: undefinedUsername: entelpcsPassword: entelpcsServer: undefinedMMSC: undefinedMultimedia message proxy: undefinedMultimedia message port: undefinedMCC: 730MNC: 01Authentication type: PAPAPN type : Internet (in some Smartphones it can be “Default” or “Default, supl”)

Now, if what you want is to create an APN for multimedia messages, then it will be time to perform the same procedure manually, although of course we will have to do it manually. Again you have to enter very particular data although the ones that we must complete vary, which is why we return the details about it for you to review below.

Name: MMS Entel PCSAPN: mms.entelpcs.cl Proxy: not defined Port: not defined User name: entelpcs Password: entelmms Server: not defined MMSC: Multimedia message proxy: Multimedia message port: 8080MCC: 730MNC: 01 Authentication type: PAP APN: MMS

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