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When we begin to learn a language, the first thing to do is to become familiar with its alphabet, knowing how many letters make it up and how they should be pronounced. The english alphabet It is one of the most used worldwide, since this language is currently one of the most widely spoken.

English alphabet where to learn it?

The English alphabet is composed of 26 letters, including 21 consonants and 5 vowels. Unlike what happens in other languages, in English the pronunciation of the letters can vary depending on where they are located within each word. Although there are only 26 letters, there are up to 40 different pronunciations.

On the website of el-abecedario.com You can get a lot of information about the English alphabet. This website, although it also has content for children, is more suitable for a more adult audience.

Through it we can see and hear the pronunciation of each letter when they speak on their own.

On YouTube we can find a large number of tools with which to learn languages. In the English channel AlaMexicana we find a video in which we can learn the pronunciation of each of the letters that make up the English alphabet.

The ABC Song For Children channel is more geared towards children. In it the little ones can learn the pronunciation of different letters through fun songs, which allows you to start learning the language with little effort.


The importance of the alphabet

Although it may seem to us that pronouncing each and every one of the words of the alphabet in English is not that important, the truth is that it is.

There are many complex words that foreigners do not pronounce well, that is why it is very common that when speaking with an Englishman if he has not understood what we have said to him, he asks us to spell it for him. Something that is also frequent when giving our personal data is that some names and surnames in Spanish are difficult for English to understand.

If we handle the alphabet and spelling well, communication will be much easier for us.

Those who want to learn to spell well in English can use websites like spanish.myspelling.net, which allows you to spell both words and complete sentences.

The most complete letters of the alphabet in English

Although it seems simple, it is common for us to get confused regularly with certain letters. It occurs frequently with pronunciation of vowels, pronunciation difference between B and V, pronunciation of W, difference between pronouncing C and S, differentiating between K and Q, pronunciation of R, Y and Z.


Other resources for learning languages

Learning a language takes time and effort, but thanks to apps to learn english it can be practiced anytime, anywhere. Another option to listen and improve pronunciation is to watch British or American movies or series in their original version.