Entertainment The best memes for Monday Monday is the worst day of the week, the return …

Entertainment The best memes for Monday Monday is the worst day of the week, the return …

Monday is the worst day of the week, the return to the routine after having rested during the weekend does not like either the students or the workers, so today we bring you a compilation of the best memes for monday, so that you can liven up that fateful day.

The same thing always happens, after a weekend of rest Monday arrives and the alarm clock goes off again early in the morning. It is the sign that we must return to the routine and that we have five long days ahead of us before we can rest again.

After a couple of days getting up late, it is common on Sunday night that it is difficult for us to fall asleep and we sleep fewer hours than usual, which makes facing the terrible Monday even more difficult.

It is true that Monday always makes everything a little more uphill, but fortunately we can liven up the day if we share through WhatsApp, Facebook in Spanish or any other instant messaging system or social network, a funny meme that makes us smile from first thing in the morning.

Blue Monday, the saddest day of the year

That we do not like Monday is not by chance, it even happens that the saddest day of the year also falls on Monday. The Blue monday is the third Monday of the month of the year and has the dubious honor of being considered the saddest day of the year.

This concept of Blue Monday emerged as part of the advertising campaign of a travel agency in 2005, but it has managed to go beyond its original objective and is already known worldwide as the saddest day of the year.

The third Monday in January makes us continue to miss Christmas and regret the excesses committed during it, but it also tends to coincide more or less with the date on which our resolutions for the New Year have failed again. Adding that in the northern hemisphere we are in the hardest part of winter and all of this lowers motivation.

The best memes for Monday

It is clear that Monday is not exactly the favorite day of the week for most people, but that does not mean you have to make long faces.

We leave you some of the funniest memes of the moment to put a smile on any Monday of the year.


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