EyeTV 2.4 adds support for Apple TV

EyeTV is the software supplied with Elgato’s Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) for Macintosh, as well as being licensed to other companies so that it can be used on your own devices. It offers controls for the tuning of television signals on the Mac, as well as the ability to record said contents to the computer’s hard drive, as well as the possibility of exporting the recordings to various formats.

With this version a new export format is added that optimizes video specifically for AppleTV. Export can also be automated as part of the inattentive or scheduled recording feature.

Other improvements made in version 2.4 are the support of localizations in Spanish and Italian, as well as improvements in the programming guide.

Support has also been added for Tiger’s Spotlight feature, allowing users to locate EyeTV recordings using part of the title or content description. Users of Mac computers equipped with multiple monitors can specify which one will be used for full screen mode.

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