Facebook Do you miss the Terra chat? Facebook wants to revive it All of us who have a few more years than we …

All of us who have a few more years than we would like, we can say that we have spent whole afternoons or evenings taking part in all kinds of discussions and talks in the famous Terra chat. Indeed, when social networks did not yet exist, and the ways of communicating through the Internet were much more archaic, that chat system changed the lives of many of us.

The truth is For logical reasons of the advancement of technology, little by little the Terra chat stopped being used until it disappeared, despite many requests from users to keep them functional. In this way, we have reached the current times, where we specifically find that one of the most important social networks in the world intends to “revive” them by calling it somehow.

With the memory of Terra’s chat still alive among many of the people who still use the Internet today, Facebook people are thinking of launching a chat system quite similar to this one. We have to say in this regard that Mark Zuckerberg and company are working right now with all kinds of public chat rooms, which they hope to launch shortly.


What will Terra’s Facebook chat be like?

Well, the first thing we have to point out in this regard is that right now Facebook Messenger is experimenting with public chat rooms, a feature that could be released sooner rather than later. Of course, this is news that interests a huge number of users, especially considering that many still miss the Terra chat.

East system of public chats that it seems that the people of Facebook want to make available to us sooner rather than later, it is not by chance but it comes from the hand of a whole new platform that will be called Rooms. Apparently, it will have several elements in common with the old Terra chat, although with the advantage that now the number of participants will be completely free, unlimited.

In the description that Facebook offers of this new platform, it is detailed that “The rooms are for public conversations on common topics and interests. Each room has a link that can be shared so that anyone can join from Messenger“, as to give us a concrete idea about the operation of this system that aims to win over both young people and adults.

Although these rooms or Rooms, as for the moment will be called Until now they are not available to all users of the social network, if not a small percentage of them, we have to say that it is expected that in a short time the people of Facebook will release them permanently, thus avoiding having to create specific groups, as annoying as it is.