Facebook Download Facebook Marketplace for AndroidThe popular social network Facebook has been updated in a way …

Facebook Download Facebook Marketplace for AndroidThe popular social network Facebook has been updated in a way …

The popular social network Facebook It has been updated in a very interesting way, this may be due to the growth of competition in the market. Now it is possible download Facebook Marketplace for Android, an application that will give all users of this social network a very good option to sell or buy used products, from the same application without the need to leave.

What does Facebook Marketplace for Android offer?

This great option can be found in the main menu of the application Facebook, of course, taking into account that said application is updated. With this new option, we will have three more at our disposal, these are: buy, sell and explore. This is a very good thing, as users can take much more advantage of this new feature that the social network company has added to Facebook.

How to use Facebook Marketplace for Android?

Use Facebook Marketplace it’s really very easy, if what you want is to buyYou just have to explore the different products that are in the category of the things you are looking for. When you find the product you want, you must click on the button to buyThen, the information of the user who owns it will appear and you will have a new option available, which is to chat with the buyer to agree and fix all the details of the purchase.

If what you want is sell a product, then you must click on the option to sell, then you must take a photo of the product you want to offer, offer a description, assign a price and finally choose a location in the category to which you think your product belongs, it’s that simple.


How to download Facebook Marketplace for Android?

If you want to use this new function that Facebook added, you only need to update the official application of the social network. If you still do not have the official application of Facebook Or, if you want to update it manually, I’ll show you how to do it here. Let’s see:

  1. First, you must open the application Google Play Store, which you can find in the application directory of your device Android.
  2. Now, you must type in the search bar “Facebook”And click on search.
  3. Possibly, you will find several applications available, you must select the official application. To find out what it is, just make sure its developer is Facebook. If you can’t find the app, use this link.
  4. Now, you must click on the button Install or To update depending on the case, when you do this, a new window will immediately appear with the information you need to access the application.
  5. The download should have already started, so you should wait for it to finish and install automatically.
  6. When the installation is finished, you can open Facebook. Then you must log in to the application of this social network and you must go to the main menu in order to use Marketplace.


It’s that simple download Facebook Marketplace for Android. A great opportunity to sell something that you no longer need or get a product that you want and cannot find it elsewhere.