Facebook Finding hidden messages on FacebookFacebook is one of the most popular social networks and has …

Facebook Finding hidden messages on FacebookFacebook is one of the most popular social networks and has …

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks and has millions of users worldwide. Many of us thought we already knew everything about the social media developed by Mark Zuckerberg, but it turns out that it still has some surprises. A few months ago there was talk of a notification folder that few access on a regular basis. So in this article we will see how find hidden messages on Facebook.

It is not really about hidden messages as such, but about a filtered inbox that usually goes quite unnoticed by users, to such an extent that some are even unaware of this function within Facebook in Spanish.


Find hidden messages on Facebook, discover leaked messages

You may have been receiving notifications on Facebook and have not been aware of it. You may have received a thousand and one requests from your friends to send them lives for the fashion game, but some more important messages have been left in the pipeline.

There are several methods to reach the filtered inbox, the simplest is click on the message icon that appears in the upper right part of the screen. We click on Message requests. We will then see a list of messages that may have gone unnoticed. Usually these are mainly messages from people who do not belong to our friends list, it is frequent that we find, for example, a message from some of the pages or group that we follow.

Another alternative is to click on the More button that appears at the top of the screen. In the drop-down menu, click on Filtered.


Access filtered messages from Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging application of the most popular of the moment, in fact it is one of those that tries to some extent to overshadow the almighty WhatsApp, and that both belong to Facebook.

Also through Facebook Messenger we can have access to those filtered messages that remain hidden, regardless of whether we are using a mobile or tablet with Android, iOS or Windows Phone operating system.

In this case, what we have to do is click on the icon Setting, then click on People and in Message requests. We scroll to the bottom and select View filtered requests.

With any of these methods that we have explained to you, you will be able to quickly and easily access the filtered messages, you will surely be surprised to find messages that have been there for a long time and of which you had no knowledge.

It seems that we do not have as much knowledge of Facebook as we think and this social network is still capable of surprising us, although this time it is a negative surprise, since we have been able to leave an important message unread because the application of Another way.

What do you think that some messages and notifications do not have as easy access on Facebook as others?

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