Facebook How to Download Facebook Live for Android? Make your own Streaming The latest news that Facebook has integrated into its social network …

The latest news that Facebook has been integrated into its social network have been very impressive, all with the sole objective of evolving and continuing in the number one position in this market. To the download Facebook Live for Android, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the promising new streaming video service developed by this company. This is a big step for the company of FacebookTherefore, it is joining the competition together with other very important services of this type, such as the giant Youtube.

This service has been very well received by users, so the vast majority have been surprised, even many of them who had stopped using their account on the network of Facebook they have decided to retake it. This, not only for the new Facebook Live, but also for other new functions that the company added, all, in order to offer a better experience when using Facebook.

How to use Facebook Live?

This is not very difficult, you just have to activate the function Facebook Live and you can start recording from the same Facebook applicationAt the same time, the video will appear on your wall so that all your friends can see it while you record it. If you want to broadcast it, you just have to look for the option to share content and select direct content (an icon of waves around a person). When you press this option, you will be able to assign it a title, select the level of privacy and press the option to broadcast. Simple right?


How to download Facebook Live for Android?

Facebook Live It is not an application that you can download, in fact it is just a feature included in the latest update of Facebook. So, you will only need to update the application on your device. Android.


Steps to download Facebook Live for Android:

If you don’t know how to update Facebook¸ here I will tell you how to do it fast and easy:

  1. First of all, you must open the application Google Play Store, which you can find in the application directory of your device Android.
  2. Now, you must type in the search bar “Facebook”And click on search.
  3. You will likely find several applications available, you must select the official application. In order to know which one it is, just make sure its developer is Facebook. If you can’t find the app, use this link.
  4. Now, you must click on the button Install or To update Depending on what you need, when you do this, a new window will immediately appear with the information you need to access the application.
  5. The download should have started after doing this, so you should wait for it to finish and install automatically.
  6. When the installation is finished, you can open Facebook. Then you must log in to the application of this social network and thus enjoy the new features available with the button I like.

That simple is download Facebook Live for AndroidNow what are you waiting to do? Get ready to see the best streaming and only with your favorite social network.