Facebook How to Download Facebook Live for Mobile? Facebook is one of the main social networks in the world, one …

Facebook is one of the main social networks in the world, a social network specially developed for all those users who like to keep in touch with others, and indeed, also the most popular in the world, with more than 2,000 million unique monthly active users . Beyond the details, The truth is that all the time Facebook developers are in charge of offering all users, renewed functions that transform it into an increasingly complete application.

Right now, when any Facebook user wants to make a live broadcast to reach all their friends on social networks, what they have to do is work hand in hand with the Facebook Live tool, which is extremely simple to tell the truth. time we meet her. You have to consider, in such an aspect, that in this article we are going to teach you how to use Facebook Live in a fast and easy way, and thus be able to transmit from wherever you want, whenever you want.

To know some more details about Facebook Live, we have to highlight that this function was announced for the first time in 2015, although at the beginning only the great celebrities with their certified profile within the social network could access it. Fortunately, with the passage of time Facebook Live has also reached all other users with an active profile or page. If you want to install Facebook Live on your Android, in this article are all the details you have to know about it.

Download Facebook Live for mobile

Well, the first thing we have to mention is that, beyond the fact that many of the users’ queries were in this sense, in effect You don’t have to download anything at all, just start using the new functions, in this case of course Facebook Live. Well, if you have a mobile device with Android operating system, you will find this step by step directly from Go Live, Continue. On the other hand, if you have an iPhone, you should look under the text field, in Live Video, and then in Continue.

When you have opened the video function, the next thing to do will be to give it a title, which can be for example “reading an article from LookHowTo do it”, for example. Then you have to set the privacy level, so that everyone can see it, only your friends, etc. Once the broadcast begins, an alert will be sent to all of your Facebook friends, indicating that you are currently broadcasting. And of course, the screen will show what viewers are seeing, although we can rotate between the two cameras of the device.

Well, then you will notice some peculiarities of this function. On the lower half of the screen will appear notifications of comments and new viewers, that is, all the details related to the video. In addition, you will usually also have the possibility of adding all kinds of filter effects to the video, in addition to switching between the cameras as we had previously commented, enter all kinds of comments in the text fields at the bottom, and many other additional options.

Then, there are certain differences between streaming from an Android mobile device or doing it from an iPhone, since in the case of the second of them, you will see some additional options, such as being able to draw on the screen to illustrate or highlight an object for the viewers of easy and simple way. At the moment, some applications or functions of Facebook Live on iOS are not available on Android. Beyond that, from any of these terminals you will be able to broadcast live without problems through Facebook.

Have you been able to install Facebook Live on your smartphone and start broadcasting live with this article?