Facebook Moments A social network within another?

Facebook Moments A social network within another?

Facebook is apparently working on a new project, which could be described as a social network within its social network. Basically one of the problems that commonly afflict Facebook users is the difficulty or impossibility in some cases, of sharing things with only a specific group of people. Many users of this social network today have hundreds or thousands of “friends” in their contact list, and they are not very happy with sharing some of their photos or updates with everyone.

Facebook Moments

Building groups or choosing the recipients of a Facebook post does not seem to be anything friendly or intuitive, and that is why Mark Zuckerberg’s company is working on a new project to allow its users to share their updates more privately.

Facebook Moments Project

ANDThe project code is Facebook moments or just “moments“To shorten and what is known so far, thanks to some sources such as techcrunch that have leaked some information from some company officials who have been selected to test a preliminary version of Facebook moments, is that it would be an App separate from Facebook, which would allow you to create a small personal contact network to share content within Facebook. In this way, one could create their own network of friends, family, colleagues, etc. and share with them, content such as photos, updates, etc.

Facebook Moments

You can choose the audience for an update, but it is not easy or intuitive

Although currently the functionality proposed by Facebook moments already exists in the social network by itself, it is not an easy task to do it and it is frustrating, so the idea behind moments is to make the creation of friend lists and micro-socialization very intuitive thereof.

Due to the fact that it is a leak, the final aspect of this App is not yet known, or its final name, or even if it will ever see the light of day, since it is already known from other projects that Facebook has discarded in the past before finishing them.

How does the Facebook moments proposal sound to you? The way I see it, it is an attempt by Zuckerberg to break away from one of the most classic problems of his social network, which is the lack of privacy (if we can talk about privacy in a social network in the first place). It is not easy to understand what would be the final scope or adoption of an app like these, since it is possible that many users are not interested in having an additional App to manage Facebook, because despite being in theory the same social network, it would mean an app more to be checking or using.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger is another App that Facebook separated from its main app

Many of us could also speculate that these are desperate moves by Facebook to stop the imminent reduction of users it is suffering, by offering them new alternatives and ways to share their information, hence recently we see more and more purchases from small companies with interesting ideas at hand. by Zuckerberg. What do you think, is there Facebook for many more years, or has its days already numbered?